Reverse Aging – TIME as an employee benefit

Reverse Aging is a service that responds to the complications of employers in relation to an aging population with all the consequences, including the lack of workers in some industries.

A set of methods aimed at restoring physical and mental forces after the 50th anniversary of the calendar age and restoring older workers to full power. We can help reduce the biological age by 10-15 years in all physical and mental aspects. Employers by incorporating Reverse Aging into benefit programs get a strong incentive and motivation tool to stabilize staff while boosting their brand and attractiveness.

Reverse Aging restores cellular activity to an earlier level, restoring metabolic processes and optimizing the activity of the vegetative nervous system.

From the point of view of the target person, "What used to hurt, does not hurt anymore. What did not work, works again. What I did not dare to do, I dare again."

The service is accompanied by measurements for the ability to monitor and manage the change over time.

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Why Reverse Aging?

Shift workers generally have a biological age 3 years higher than the calendar age. Shift workers over 50 years old have a biological age even 5 years higher.

Metabolic processes, regeneration, healing, natural immunity, cognitive functions and physical performance are disturbed. This is also reflected in work performance. And employers know it.

This is due to the natural fading of cellular activity and the influence of, for man, unnatural night work.

Reverse Aging does not appeal to either feelings or morals, nor does it promise subsidies. Reverse Aging is the way to restoring health and performance to the level of 40-45 years of the calendar age.

Reverse Aging Results

Because It Is Possible

Manager in exposed position.

Age at examination time: 53
Measuring - February 2016
Biological age: 60. Multiple symptoms of stress, first symptoms of civilization diseases, medication.

Three months in Reverse Aging program.

Measuring - May 2016
Biological age: 46. No symptoms and no medication.

Difference of 14 years during 3-4 months