Personal coaching

Healthy business processes are based on cellular health of workers.

We have been using systemic method for coaching since its very beginning in the 1990s. However, as with all other coaching methods built on "word", its possibilities are very limited.

The effects of DNA-damaging environments, stress, the influence of free radicals ... These are factors that affect not only the body but also its functions, emotional processes and mental processes.

Environmental influences gradually interfere with decision-making and management, experience, motivation, creativity, relationship intelligence, and self-preservation.

"Word" as a tool is powerful, but it's not enough. Effective change needs to go deeper. In physics, chemistry and biology.

The company is a fractal structure of ever-repeating patterns from cell to business.

For this reason, we undertake coaching in highly specialized procedures aimed at restoring and enhancing cell health. We integrate Western and Eastern methods and work with a number of external experts.


Designed for people

- in exposed control roles and roles of key specialists
- aging people with emerging clinical signs of civilization diseases (rising Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes, sleep disorders, hypertension, ...)
- with unstable emotionality and motivation in stressful environment (explosions of anger, failure to finish tasks, leaks ...)
- with psychological problems of anxiety, fear, depression, insistent parasitic thoughts, and catastrophic scenarios "What if ..."
- in a crisis or marginal situation