Company Coaching

Do you need corporate coaching? Are you stuck in a circle?



Your vision? : "We want results-oriented work, we are putting emphasis on performance and quality."

Your reality? : "Our workers are approaching work without awareness of its meaning, often as a matter of urgency or coercion. Their work focuses not on quality but on quantity and tasks. Instead of productive work we are overwhelmed by bureaucracy, we are endlessly dealing with the same problems. We hire people for unnecessary work and we pay them. "


Your vision? : "We want time to be used to meet corporate goals, and we want people to respect each other's time, because accuracy is the value of our organization."

Your reality? : "Despite work measuring and time management, we waste time on absurd activities and on solving chronic problems. Some people are going through work-time without a goal. Non-routine work encounters passive resistance. Some people, instead of work, create artificial problems to solve them and to look important to the company. "


Your vision? : "Making money is a natural result of our performance, quality, customer and employee trust, and a positive image of the business both inside and outside."

Your reality? : "We are wasting resources to prevent incidents that would have never happened if we did not produced them ourselves. The struggle with the effects of our own stress is costing us a lot of money in terms of fluctuation, problems with quality, deadlines, penalties and fines."


Your vision? : "We sort waste into colored containers, we are certified, we vaccinate against flu, we publish leaflets with drug prevention. Before we print e-mail we think about the environment and we go to team building."

Your reality? : "We have organized a lot of soft-skills training and team building events and still, we send racist and gender jokes via mail. People are sick when we need them the most, they leave us and say they are well paid, they are not happy. "


Your vision? : "People are our greatest wealth. Human resources are sources of optimism, healthy self-confidence, synergy, success ..."

Your reality? : “We hire people we do not understand. We employ low-skilled people, people dishonest and inefficient. Nobody wants to join us, or they do not stay for long. Our environment is the environment of mistrust, alibism, competition and no one wants to be responsible for failure. In spite of warning bulletins about occupational safety, we have a higher incidence of injuries, especially for new workers. "


Your vision? : "Information security is a priority for us. We use ERP and MRP systems to transfer information between us and the customer."

Your reality? : "Our PR in the region does not decorate us. Our attractiveness is close to zero and everything else is based on it, we are the same as others, we are not interesting. Some topics are taboo here, so finding the root causes of our problems remains just as ubiquitous but empty slogan. Staff do not believe in our information, because it is true only time to time. "


Your vision? : "We have no really our own vision."

Your reality? : "Our opportunities are managed by our customers."

Did you find your topic? Then you need business coaching.