KlonDike SHIFT

Industrial methods of marketing and HR don’t work anymore? Zero attraction? No wonder. The world has turned into information one. In the different world, we need to use different methods. KlonDike SHIFT is a controlled transition from an industrial company to an energy-intelligence company. KlonDike SHIFT is the adoption of energy-awareness methods for corporate resource management.

Work, money, people, time, environment, information, opportunities.

If we leave out IT, as defined in the industrial world, no one is managing the strongest source, the source of information that affects everything and everyone.

Opportunities in the industrial world are not understood at all. The biggest and only challenge is often to meet the budget.

KlonDike SHIFT covers all traditional corporate departments and gives them a new definition of competencies.

It monitors global economic changes, and the client is led through the change in such a way that he is not a victim of changes, he is the one who helps create them.

Many industrial tools have lost their functionality.

Linear training does not lead to necessary changes, recruitment methods do not attract good people, marketing does not attract interest, measuring gives distorted and incomplete data. We do not measure or count a number of things.

Examples of underestimation of the information concept are the current causes of lost customer trust in a car concern. They are transformed into a loss of share value and a threat to the entire diesel segment. For example - growing tensions in the political and economic world, entropy trends, and the fact that economists and politicians are stuck in an industrial concept with no meaningful solution.

You do not have to change anything. Survival is not obligatory.